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PJP Consulting is an engineering consulting firm focused on helping the electric utility industry, their customers, and other stakeholders solve complex challenges and make informed decisions .  P. Jeffrey Palermo is PJP Consulting's sole consultant.  He has helped clients worldwide with independent technical analyses of complex issues.


A System Planner with nearly 40 years of experience,  Mr. Palermo possesses a strong background in the power system field, specializing in transmission analysis and planning, reliability analysis, and market design issues. 


He has advised North American, European, Asian, South American, Australian, and African utilities regarding technical system analyses, market design, and restructuring issues. Mr. Palermo provided testimony as an expert witness before the FERC with regard various restructuring initiatives.


He has also testified as an expert witness before state utility commissions, state legislatures, in civil court and before arbitration panels.


Mr. Palermo has advised utilities and various other stakeholders concerning the formation of ISOs, RTOs, and transmission companies.


He has taught a series of electrical engineering and electric utility-related courses.

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