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Awards and committee experience

Professional Affiliations:
Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Conférence Internationale des Grande Réseaux Électriques a Haute Tension (Cigré) – International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems

Registered Professional Engineer in Florida.

Key Committee Assignments:
U.S. Technical Representative to Cigré Study Committee C1 Power System Analysis
Chairman of Cigré International Study Committee C1 Working Group regarding “The future of Reliability”
U.S. Technical Advisor to Cigré Study Committee 38 Power System Analysis and Techniques
Member of the Cigré International Study Committee 38 Working Group, which developed a Guide to Reliability Analysis for Power Systems
IEEE System Planning Subcommittee
IEEE Long-Range Planning Working Group
Chairman, IEEE Northern Virginia Power Engineering Society



Cigré Technical Committee award, 2011
Cigré Attwood Associate award, 2009



  1. Small Island Experience—Planning to Integrate Large Amounts of Wind and Solar Generation, with David Korinek and Kevin Chen, Cigré International Symposium, Best Practice in Transmission and Distribution in a Changing Environment, Auckland, September 2013.
  2. Treatment of Renewable Generation and Generation Retirement Uncertainties in Transmission Planning as Applied to American Electric Power System, with Mohammed Ahmed and Kamran Ali, Session Cigré, Paris, France, August 2012.
  3. Generation retirements and var planning, a three-part series, KEMA Tech Notes, March 2012.
  4. Firming Renewables and Alleviating Transmission Constraints—The Role of Energy Storage, High Plains Transmission Summit, Lawrence, Kansas, 3 November 2009
  5. Approaches to Generation Dispatch in Transmission Planning, Symposium on Operation and Development of Power Systems in the New Context, Guilin, China, October 2009.
  6. Recent US Blackout Experience and System Blackout Causes and Cures, Eastern China Blackout Symposium, Shanghai, China, January 2004.
  7. “Differences in Regional Approaches to Transmission Expansion”, Arlington, VA, Session Chairman, October 8, 2003.
  8. “Transmission and Distribution Facilities”, Washington, DC, United States Department of Energy seminar, April 14, 2003.
  9. “Power Transmission Planning Under FERC’s SMD”, Alexandria, VA, October 17, 2002.
  10. “The California Deregulation Roller Coaster”, Mundo Electrico Colombiano (Colombia), October-December, 2001.
  11. “The California Power Market International Seminar of Energy Markets”, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, June 2001
  12. “Overview of US Power Sector”, USEA - South African Power Pool Sr. Executive Exchange, Washington, DC, April 2001.
  13.  “The California Power Mess”, Energie Techniek (Denmark), March 2001.
  14. “State of the Art in Regional Planning”, RTO West planning workshop, Portland Oregon, June 2000.
  15. “Blackouts: Prospects for the Future, Conference on ISO Developments”, Washington, DC, February 2000.
  16.  “RTO/ISO & PX: Combined or Separate?”, Denver, Colorado, November 1999.
  17. “Technical and Institutional Requirements for Coordinated Interconnection Development”, Cigre Symposium, Power System Issues in Rapidly Industrializing Countries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 1999.
  18. “ISOs, Transcos and Reliability, Deregulation Progress Report: Issues and Insights”, Vail, Colorado, August 1999.
  19. “Restructuring: Operations and Planning”, Rio de Janeiro, July 1999.
  20. “Business Development Issues”, session chair, 4th Annual Latin America Power Conference, June 1999.
  21. “Ancillary Service Pricing”, presented at Transmission Pricing seminar, Denver, Colorado, March 1999.
  22. “ISO Development — Deconstruction and Reconstruction”, Denver Colorado, November 1998
  23. “What is the ISO World Coming To?”, Denver Colorado, November 1998
  24. “The mysteries and realities of ATC”, presented at the ISO and Related Transmission Pricing Conference, Denver, Colorado, March 18-19, 1998.
  25. “Northeastern Import Capability”, presented at Strategies for the Northeast Energy Market Conference, Montreal, Canada, April 1997.
  26. “ISOs for Unbundling: It’s Gonna Be Wild”, presented at the Executive Briefing with Reid & Priest on FERC's Open Access Transmission Service Rules, May 29, 1996.
  27. “Integrated T&D Planning in a Competitive Environment”, presented at the United States Energy Association's (USEA's) Integrated Resource Planning Technical Exchange Visit for the Central Countries, May 13, 1996.
  28. “Three Problems with Reliability Discrimination”, presented at the Winter Meeting of the IEEE Power Engineering Society, Baltimore, Maryland, January 24, 1996.
  29. “Accreditation Procedures for Non-Conventional Resources: The MOKAN Power Pool”, presented to the EEI System Planning Committee, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1995.
  30. “Impact on Operations of Infrastructure Changes in the Electric Power Sector”, with R. P. McEacharn and S. Kidwai, 1994 Session Cigré, Paris, France, August 1994.
  31. “Power System Planning”, presented at the First Conference on Power Generation and Energy Policy, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 1994.
  32. “Assessment of FACTS Benefits Using Innovative Techniques”, published by the Electric Power Research Institute, #RP4000-31, December 1993.
  33. “The Changing Utility Environment and Competition at the Front Line”, presented at the Pennsylvania Power & Light Company's Division Operations 1993 Planning Conference, Allentown, Pennsylvania, January 1993.
  34. “Transmission Access: The Key T&D Questions”, presented at the EEI Transmission & Distribution Committee Meeting, Denver, Colorado, October 1992.
  35. “The Effect of Coordinated Operation on Energy Exchanges, System Operation, and Data Exchange Requirements: A Comparison of Methods Used in the U.S.A.”, with R. A. Bulley and T. R. Woodward, 1992 Session Cigré, Paris, France, September 1992.
  36. “Transmission Access: Facts and Fantasies”, presented at the Electric Utility Business Environment Conference, Denver, Colorado, March 1992.
  37. “Power System Reliability Analysis, Volume 2, Composite Power System Reliability Evaluation”, with the Cigré Task Force, September 1992.
  38. “Joint Discussion on the Activities of Cigré Working Group 38.03”, General Reports, Electra, February 1992.
  39. “A Transmission Utilization Index: Loading-to-Capacity Ratio”, EPRI FACTS PSPO, Chicago, Illinois, October 1991.
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  42. “Physical Vulnerability of Electric Systems to Natural Disasters and Sabotage”, with H. D. Limmer and United States Congress Office of Technology Assessment, November 1989.
  43. “Consideration of the Public Interest in Evaluating Bids for Electric Power Generation”, with R. A. Wakefield and H. D. Limmer, presented at the NARUC Biennial Regulatory Information Conference, September 1988.
  44. “Generation Planning and Transmission Systems”, with J. A. Casazza, J. Lucas, and F. Branca, 1988 Session Cigré, Paper 37-02, Paris, France, August 1988.
  45. “Analysis of the Evolution of Interconnections Between Regions in the USA Applicable to Developing Countries”, Electric Power Systems in Developing Countries, Cigré Paper, Paris, France, 1985.
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  47. “Determination of Electric Transmission Requirements from Production Costing Models”, World Systems Conference, Caracas, Venezuela, 1983.
  48. “A Review of Electric Utility Loss-of-Load Probability in 1979”, U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Emergency Preparedness, Washington, D.C., March 1982.
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